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  • Decision to make business at OranGear platform turned out to be the most important milestone for the whole period of AppAve’s existence. From the technical side I am fully satisfied: 100% uptime, great Antifraud, custom reports – no headaches at all! To become a fully trusted partner is not easy nowadays. OranGear did it!

    LinkedIn Alex Kustoff, Director of Publisher Relations at AppAve
  • To optimize sales process is my job and my passion. OranGear is the only partner that is able to provide Tapgerine with a genuine set of analytical and machine learning tools to perform art with performance-based campaigns. I do not realize all the technical complexity of the inbuilt algorithms but they show magic! Our advertisers are stunned with their ROI, publishers with overall traffic monetization and me – with sales!

    LinkedIn Olga Markova, Sales Director at Tapgerine
  • Trust me, there is no better alternative to OranGear on the market. Accumulating mutual expertise of hundreds of publishers and advertisers who do business with OFFERSEVEN I'm totally convinced in that. It’s designed as a software “from marketers to marketers” which works great. Traffic volume was doubled after 2 months of working with OranGear, moreover we finally got the possibility to track qualitative leads and user engagement.

    LinkedIn Svetlana Babii, Director of Advertiser Relations at OfferSeven
  • Orangear boosted JungleTap revenues, but not even this fact appealed to me to the most extent. Deep analytics highlighted at the platform results in unobtrusive recommendations. At the beginning I disbelieved AI to advice me, how I should manage staff or treat clients, but numbers in statistics became a strong proof and now I have much more time to relax devote to operational routine.

    LinkedIn Steve Shershen, COO at JungleTap

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