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  HasOffers Orangear
API intergrations integration available only in Enterprise (799$) subscription 318 integrations, free
Advanced team management no
Antifraud paid free
Offer link checker no in-built
E-commerce no coming soon
Revshare no
Smartlink no
Period of API feed
2 hours 5 to 60 min
Autosuspend no
Custom domain
Publisher interface
Multiple goals

Preset API integration

Enjoy 2-click integration with our growing (largest in the industry) list of platforms and networks such as Hasoffers, Avazu, Baidu, Cake, Glispa, Fuseclick, Linktrust, Mobvista, Offer18, etc. Our customizable filters will make sure that only the offers you want will get into your system

Free White Label

You can choose to use your domain or leave yours. Other customizable components include logo and UI

Built-In Checker

Stop wasting your budgets on inactive offers.
Verify your offer links right inside your platform before you add it to your system! Automatically check all of your offers once they’re added.


Our anti-fraud measures include in-build antifraud, behavioral analysis, whitelist, security token.

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Media storage

All creatives are safe and available 24/7 when you store them in our cloud storage

Caps management

It's easy to keep your budget in check as you can set up daily and monthly caps for each specific publishers

Custom domain

When our name next to yours seems like too much too soon

Rejects and compensations

System allows you to easily change "rejected" to "partially paid", making necessary adjustments to the final invoices

Fraud protection

Tokens, whitelists, blacklists, antifraud — no malicious traffic will go unnoticed

Multiple payout models

Our platform supports payouts under CPA, CPI and RevShare models


Comprehensive guide to a smooth setup process

Matching advertisers with publishers

If you have a demanding advertiser on your hands, now you can easily match them with your most trusted publishers


Our latest developments in machine learning algorithms allow to elevate income from the remnant traffic

Multiple currencies payouts

We've added most of currencies used in affiliate marketing to allow you more freedom in communication with advertisers and publishers all over the world

Email and ticket support

You can choose the type of support that fits your daily routine

Preset integrations

Effortless integrations with 300+ most popular services, including HasOffers, Avazu, Baidu, Cake, Glispa, FuseClick, LinkTrust, Mobvista, Offer18, etc.

Affiliate Links Checker

Every tracking link that enters your network can be verified automatically with our inbuilt checker

Detailed real-time statistics

Up to 50 real-time indicators to help you analyze the past, manage the present and predict the future


Fully customizable dashboard with all the required insights

Autoapprove for publishers

Your most trusted affiliates can access all offers, excluding sensitive ones, without your managers

Advanced team management

Custom roles to allow specific access for each level of managers in your team

Affiliate billing

After you specify publisher's billing info, net terms and minimum payout, the system can generate invoices automatically according to the pre-set period

Offer access

Various levels of access for your publishers: from "required approval" to automatic matches with your most valued advertisers

Postback management

If a publisher has a tracking system, you can add their link to allow them to gather data about conversions

Carrier/ISP targeting

Specific targeting options to allow better conversion results

Advertiser billing

Invoice section allows you to view, edit, send, change statuses and merge existing invoices

Offer categories and tags

Easy-to-use filter system by offer category/tag for your managers

Connection type

Connection type (i.g. Wi-fi or cellular) are available for each goal within the offer

Geo, device, OS targeting

Our platform provides city targeting for the most demanding offers


Detailed history of changes made to the platform that answers the questions of "what", "when" and "who"

Global offer search

Global search helps affiliates find offers by id or name

API offer updates

When advertiser makes changes to the offer, it will update in your platform as well

Multiple goals

Multiple goals within one offer for various targeting, payout and cap options

Publisher interface

Clear and comprehensive solution for your partners that lets them analyze their activity, request offers and view billing statuses

Conversion report

Up-to-date statistics on conversions within one screen

Email notifications

Simple integration with your current email marketing service

Smart offers API import

API integration with advertiser that allow to automatically filter offers and receive those that fit your needs


Now you can easily avoid undesirable traffic sources, without banning performing publishers

Dynamic payouts

Whether you pay in $ or %, it's easy to set up payouts for each partner


Show your publishers which traffic sources can't be monetized through certain offers or even advertisers

Pay for conversion, not clicks

  HasOffers Orangear
# of offers, included in basic plan 100 Unlimited
# of conversions in basic plan click-based subscription 10 000

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