How to create an offer

How To's

Detailed offer creation

The first tab:
1 – Select from the list of Advertisers (Only advertisers with the Active status are shown here).
2 – The Thumbnail link.
3 – The Preview URL link.
4 – The Wand button fetches the description of the offer, category, offer name and thumbnail. It works only  with links to Appstore/Playmarket.
5 – Open the Preview link in the new tab.
6 – Offer ID from the advertiser side.
7 – If there is an offer in the Externals with the ID filled out in the Real ID field, then the name of this offer, description, Preview URL link, Thumbnail link and Traffic Type will be fetched from this offer.
8 – Activation date and Expiration date. Here you can specify when the offer will be activated/deactivated.
9 – Offer name.
10 – Offer category.
11 – Here must be specified if the Approval to work with this offer is required to the publisher or not.
12 – A status which the current offer is created with.
13 – Distribution model.
14 – Currency.
15 – Filters-limitation for publishers:

  • Dynamic – a short-term offer or offer with changing conditions. This is provided that the publisher has the Bad Traf switch on, he will see only offers with this checkbox.
  • Sensitive – an offer that requires particularly high quality of traffic.
  • Auto Active – when this checkbox is selected, the goal in the offer will be autoactivated if it disappeared from the externals and appeared again.
  • Featured – It freezes all the information about the offer and in the future the information in the offer cannot be updated by API, including the offer payment. It also adds the offer to the Top Offers list in the admin panel of the publisher.
  • Adult – API filter.
    16 – Switches:
  • Visible – if the offer is visible to publishers in their admin panel and by API;
  • Traffic type – used to define the group of superlink when redirecting a publisher to superlink;
  • Cookie lifetime – the number of days between the click and conversion due to this click.
    17 – The list of publishers and subpublishers who are forbidden to give traffic to this or that offer. Clicks from such publishers will be redirected to superlink.


1 – Description of an offer
2 – A comment to the offer(visible only to a manager)
3 – Restores the comment from the previous user

The second tab:

1 – Switches:

  • Allow – if you click it, all traffic will be allowed
  • Disallow – if you click it, all traffic will be disallowed
  • Uncheck – if you click it, nothing will be selected and you are able to tick each item you need

2 – Allowed traffic
3 – Disallowed traffic
4 – Unchecked traffic

The third tab:

1 – Active goal. The goal can be deactivated and clicks won’t get there any more.
2 – Choose the goal.
3 – Specify a name of the goal.
4 – Tracking link must comply with the standards of the http request.
There should be:
http / https protocol
sample.com domain
query syntax element ? which separates the request parameters from the sample.com request address?
the {transaction_id} macro must be specified
e.g.: sample.com?с={transaction_id}
5 – Countries switch, which can be included or excluded
6 – The list of countries, which can be included or excluded
7 – Cities switch, which can be included or excluded
8 – The list of cities, which can be included or excluded
9 – A target parameters block where clicks will be received from
10 – Dynamic payout
11 – Allow duplicate; if it is on, postbacks with the same transaction id will be allowed
12 – Postback; if a postback should be sent to the publisher according to the goal
13 – Payment block:

  • Payout – payment from the advertiser
  • Pay Percent – a payout to your publisher ( in %)
  • Pub Payout – a payout to your publisher (in the chosen currency)

14 – Select the platform which we want to receive clicks from, from the platforms that were not selected in the list, clicks will be sent to the backtraffic.
15 – Button to add another Main goal. You cannot add Main goal if one of the Main goals on the offer already has such geo and platform.
16 – The Additional goal must be on the same geo and platform as the Main goal, the tracking must also be the same.
17 – Tracking URL suffix
18 – Creatives. Adding of different files:

  • zip
  • rar

  • pdf

  • gif
  • jpg
  • png
  • jpeg