Orangear Features

Externals(external offers) – these are offers that we receive from external adverts via API.
External – so far this is not an offer which gets traffic, but only a “preparation” of an offer. There are two ways an external can become a real offer:

  1. Actualize (manual import) with the help of a manager;
  2. Auto Import.

Integration settings

The integration setup consists of two blocks: an authorization block and a settings block.

Advertiser: Advertiser’s selection for which integration is created. For one advertiser in the system it is possible to have only one integration.

Platform: Selection of the platform where offers are located.

Login and Password: When you hover over the 🛈 (information) icon, you can see hints on the data format (it can differ from integration to integration).

Test Credentials: Validation of entered data. Without successful verification of credits, saving of integration is impossible.

Enabled: Enabling / Disabling of Integration. When you turn off the integration of the API of the advert, it will not parse, auto import and auto-update will not work;

Auto Changes: Enabling / Disabling Auto changes (see above);

Auto Import: Enabling / Disabling Auto Import;

Goal Auto Disable Period: The period (in hours) after which the target created from the external is disabled;

Offer Status: The status when offers are auto imported;

Default Tag: Tag (category) of the offer by default, if not transferred by an advertiser or not recognized. If tag is not specified, then externals won’t auto-import without a tag.

Margin: The margin of payout percent(how much we keep). We give the rest of the amount to the publisher.

  • Example: Margin is set to 30% – this means that the publisher will be paid 70% of the payout of the offer, and 30% we will keep. If the value is not specified, the Publisher pay percent value is taken from the System settings.


Currency: The currency to restrict auto import for payout. If the restrictions on payment are specified, then externals with another payout currency won’t be auto imported.

Min Price: Payout limit for auto import. Offers with a payout less than the specified won’t be auto imported. Not required field.

Max Price: Payout limit for auto import. Offers with a payout more than the specified won’t be auto imported. Not required field.

Adding Immediate Offer Pause Text: If it’s enabled, then in the comment to the created offer there will be written such text “This offer can be paused in 24 hours without prior notification”.

Convert Non-Incent to Incent: When doing auto import the type of the offer must be changed to Incent.

Delete Offer Description: When doing auto import the description in the offer must be deleted.

Geo: Restrictions on geo for auto import. If it is specified, then only those externals will be imported that have AT LEAST ONE of the countries from the specified ones.

Restrictions for Incent Offers: When doing auto import of the Incent offer, then the selected restrictions will be added to those which come in the external from the advertiser.

Restrictions for Non Incent Offers: When doing auto import of Non Incent offers then selected restrictions will be added  to those which come in the external from the advertiser.

Period: Frequency of parsing launching of API (in minutes).

General flow

  1. Once in Period minutes advertiser’s API parsing is launched. In its parsing process, new externals are created, the ones that were in our database are deleted, but they disappeared from the advertiser (they did not come in the current parsing) and the ones that we have in the database are updated and came in  the current parsing.
  2. After the parsing is completed, the parsing of the stores (PlayMarket and AppStore) is started. The application name, its size in MB, category, description are loaded. If the parsing of the store for a particular application fails, it is repeated up to 3 times. If it fails to parse after three times, attempts to parse the store will stop until the next iteration. The store parses only once, i.e. if the store is already parsed for this offer, then at the next iterations it won’t be parsed. When parsing the store, the external data is also updated: If there is no Thumbnail in the external (application icon), then Thumbnail from the store will be placed. The same thing happens with the category (tag). If the advertiser didn’t receive a tag, then a tag will be placed from the store.
  3. After the end of the parsing of the store, the auto update and auto import processes are started in parallel (if Autoimport Enabled = ON).

Auto Import

Externals that fit the Auto Import settings are chosen(geo, payout). Offers can’t be imported which:

  • Payout = 0;
  • Don’t have tracking URL (the advertiser can not send it for some reason, for example, the offer is not approve);
  • Don’t have Thumbnail URL (the advertiser and the store were not able to be parsed);
  • Don’t have any tag (type).

In addition to the information from the advertiser, the following values are set in the auto imported offer:

  • Auto Activate Enabled = true
  • Sensitive = false
  • Cookie Lifetime = 7
  • Visible = true
  • Visible ODigger = false
  • Visible Offervault = false
  • Approval required = false
  • Dynamic = false
  • Adult = false
  • Featured = false
  • Show User Flow = false
  • Show Caps Message = false


Field Platforms

If nothing is selected, all externals are imported,

If something is selected, only those externals that have this platform are imported.

There can be selected several platforms.

Auto update

This functionality updates the data of offers imported from externals.

In order for an offer to be updated, it must meet one of the conditions:

  1. Featured = false and Status = Active;
  2. Auto Activate = true and Status = [Paused; Pending]

Fields which are updated: Payout, CAPs, GEO, platforms, platforms with version.

Besides, this task:

  1. marks targets as crossed out in case the external has stopped coming from the advertiser;
  2. turns on the target again if the external disappeared first and then appeared again.

The last two items are performed independently of whether Auto Update is enabled in the integration settings or not.

Enabling/Disabling of goals and offers which are imported from the externals

Let’s consider a few cases (in all cases, auto import and auto update are enabled).

  1. The external came via API for the first time. In case it meets all the conditions of the auto import, a new offer will be created with one main goal. The target will be active, and the offer itself will be in the status specified in the auto import settings.
  2. The external came via API, and the offer has already been imported from it, the offer is in the status Active (it doesn’t matter whether it is auto imported or imported manually). The information in the target which is set up from this external will be updated (payout, caps, geo.)
  3. The external didn’t come via API, but there is an offer imported from it that has Active status. The target will be marked with a crossing and red frame. The status of the offer won’t change, the target continues to receive traffic. The manager can manually turn off this target. The crossed out target will automatically turn off after the time specified in the integration settings (Goal Auto Disable Period), and the offer will be set to Paused status. If the value of this setting is set Immediately, then the target will be turned off at once (within a period of time up to 5 minutes), without the crossing stage.
  4. External came through the API, we have imported offer from it, status of the offer is  Paused or Pending. If the offer has Auto Activate = false, nothing will happen. The offer and target will be still disabled, these targets won’t be updated. If Auto Activate = true, then the target will be enabled (Enabled= true) and an offer will become Active.


Apart from Auto Import, external can be done manually. In this case, following one of these ways:

  1. Create an external as a separate offer with one goal.
  2. Create an external as a new target to an already existed offer.

The system automatically determines if there is an offer, to which you can add a new goal, created from the external and offers variants for further action (Add new goals / Create standalone offer / Cancel):