How to add DNS records for your subdomain

How To's
  1. Log in to your NameCheap account
  2. Click the Account drop-down menu and select ‘Dashboard’.

  3. Click the ‘Domain List’ and click the ‘Manage’ button for the domain you wish to set up.

  4. Click the ‘Advanced DNS’.

  5. Find the Host Records section and click the ‘Add New Record’.

  6. Select ‘CNAME Record’ from the ‘Type’ drop-down menu and enter your subdomain as the host (for example, “dashboard” if your domain is dashboard.nctutorial.info).
  7. Under the Value, enter “balancer.orangear.com”.
  8. Click ‘Save all changes’ and remember that it can take up to 48 hours for newly-created records to take effect. Once your CNAME is ready, you can publish your pages where you want by adding your domain to Unbounce and pointing your landing pages to your custom domain.



  1. Login to your GoDaddy account from the GoDaddy home page.
  2. Click the ‘Launch‘ button next to domains. You may have to click the
    My Account‘ link if you don’t see the domain options.
  3. Click the gear icon for the domain you are going to use.

  4. Select the Domain Details in the menu.

  5. Click the ‘DNS Zone File‘ tab.

  6. Click the ‘Add Record‘.
  7. Select the CNAME.
  8. In the two boxes place the following information:
    • Host: dashboard (as an example)*
    • Points To: balancer.orangear.com

    then click Save.
    * enter here your subdomain

  9. Click the ‘Save Changes’ towards the top right. 
  10. You’re done! Domains can take up to 48 hours to propagate, but will usually propagate within two hours. Check back then to see your mobile site!