How to adjust the platform

How To's

Here is the detailed instruction for platform settings.
Please, fill in the main settings to operate your Performance Marketing Platform.

System settings

  1. Company settings
    Fill in these fields. Later they will be used for all invoices.
    Minimum amount field defines generation of publisher invoices. If this field contains 100 then invoices will be generated after any publisher will earn 100 USD.
    Your logo can be added later whenever you want. After you upload it, a logo will be shown at the login page and in the header of your Platform. You can also add your favicon to customize the platform view.After you have added all the necessary data, please, click Save under these Settings.
  2. User settingsAllow fraud score – select the acceptable fraud score to check conversions. You can select any value from 0 to 90. Sometimes, conversions are marked as suspicious due to the final user’s settings, so it’s better to tolerate fraud score that is, at least, 10.
  3. Payment settingsThese fields are used to generate invoices from your side to your advertisers. No data is required. Any empty field will be displayed.