How to enable autosuspend

How To's

Go to Settings -> System, there must be turned on both settings:

  • Checker enabled
  • Regular checks enabled
    If these settings are disabled or at least one of them, then Autosuspend won’t work and all fields related to these setting won’t be displayed as well.

    When creating/editing integration in the section Offers -> Integrations there are added 2 new fields:

  1. Auto Suspend Enabled – after enabling, all offers that will be auto imported with this integration, will be enabled with autosuspend, the offer has the same parameter.
  2. Failed Checks for Auto Suspend – field for numbers:
  • default is 5;
  • maximum value is 12;
    This value will also be transferred to the auto imported offers in the similar field.

The offer also has 2 fields Auto Suspend Enabled and Failed Checks for Auto Suspend.

Thanks to these fields, managers have the ability to enable/disable autosuspend optionally, adjust the number of checks for any offer (autoimported or manually created).

Failed Checks for Auto Suspend – the number of the last checks for each pair of geo-devices for each main goal of the offer.

  • If the last checks (Failed Checks for Auto Suspend) in the amount of each pair of geo-devices in the offer are inactive, then the status of the offer goes to Suspended.
  • When an active check appears in at least one pair of geo-device, then the offer status will go to Active.
  • Checking of the  offer checks and changing the statuses work in the background mode, and are run once an hour.