performance marketing
Advanced platform to manage your performance marketing network in the most efficient way.
All in one. One for all

Years of operating in the global online advertising market gave us a deep understanding of our customers’ values and needs. We united all demanded features in one holistic solution.
You don’t need to choose which function to invest in. You get them all.

Get full control over your business

We provide an advanced toolbox to optimize each process, each click, each second.
Enjoy the ultimate performance with Orangear!

Streamline cooperation with our partners
your income
from each offer
data-driven decisions
routine tasks
Be brand safe
and fraud free
Know your clients inside out
Keep all useful data on your partners, their requirements and cooperative terms in one place. There is no need to collect it from different tabs.
Rule the flow of traffic
Enjoy an easy-to-use, intuitive solution designed to manage mobile traffic from the first click or impression to billing process. Every feature is based on its creators many-years’ of expertise in mobile marketing.
Facilitate the workflow
Integrate with your trusted partners through API once and let our system automatically run the processes of adding and distributing offers, generating tracking links and setting up postback URLs.
Personalize the customer experience
Your advertisers and affiliates get personal accounts providing advanced functionality for performing specific tasks and monitoring their campaign’s performance.
Fine-tune each campaign
Achieve paramount performance! You can set up to 100 targeting, traffic and billing parameters for each offer.
Manage offers deftly
Monitor and improve your offers in real time without getting lost in millions of tabs. The full list of your campaigns and all necessary management tools are all in one place.
Reach the sources
You can explore the whole rebrokering chain for each offer to find more direct advertisers and more opportunities to grow your income.
Don’t lose a click
Monetize remnant traffic or placements that are displayed to uncategorized users to maximize your earnings.
Customize your reports
Optimize your revenues relying on 8 types of fully-customizable dynamic reports illustrating key performance and business processes.
Benefit from а compelling BI suite
Leverage the power of data to boost your profit! Orangear's BI module supports advanced features such as financial, customer, and staff management, as well as a complete set of key indicators.
Export your data
Download and share all important data with you partners in the most suitable format.
Unite artificial and human intelligence
Make the most beneficial decisions on how to grow your business basing on our smart recommendation system.
Check your campaigns
Our system checks offers availability in real time allowing you to stop invalid campaigns and avoid losing time and money.
Get offers from your partners
Enlarge your offers collection by importing from common platforms. Don’t dally away your time on API script-coding - our automated offer transmission tool will do all of the work.
Set up notifications
Set specific actions about which you want to be notified or notify your partners. Set up this process once and our system will automatically notify your partners on preset issues, thus saving you time for more important tasks.
Simplify billing
Generate, adjust or merge invoices in just a few clicks. Notify your clients, store billing information at you fingertips and never miss any key financial fact.
Prevent fraud on multiple levels
Every conversion passes through several filters tailored to recognize even the most minute signs of abnormal campaign behavior. Deliver your customers only top-level results.
Configure the trust level yourself
Each conversion is evaluated by a fraud probability indicator. You can deal with every case personally or automate the process of conversions’ approval.
Mark reliable sources
Who knows your partner better than you do? You can set up manually how much each traffic source can be trusted.
Create whitelist
Create IP whitelists of trusted publishers and advertiser to improve your tracking security and prevent invalid conversions at the software level.
The most convenient interface
in the industry

We aim to make your experience with Orangear not only profitable but also seamless and enjoyable. We’ve been conducting deep research into customer’s preferences for the entire period of development and testing. Each block, feature, and button are designed and placed to boost your efficiency.

Already use another platform?

Our specialized turnkey solutions and qualified technical support will make the migration from any other platform a cakewalk. Jump-start your business growth with us!

Raise in managers' performance due to intuitive interface
Raise in profit due to server being uptime
Less time spent on support issues
Increase in publisher’s income due to smart machine learning algorithms
Hit big with us!

Join the list of those who have already obtained success with Orangear.

Alex Kustoff
Alex Kustoff
Decision to make business at OranGear platform turned out to be the most important milestone for the whole period of AppAve’s existence. From the technical side I am fully satisfied: 100% uptime, great Antifraud, custom reports – no headaches at all! To become a fully trusted partner is not easy nowadays. OranGear did it!
Olga Markova
Olga Markova
Sales Director
To optimize sales process is my job and my passion. OranGear is the only partner that is able to provide Tapgerine with a genuine set of analytical and machine learning tools to perform art with performance-based campaigns. I do not realize all the technical complexity of the inbuilt algorithms but they show magic! Our advertisers are stunned with their ROI, publishers with overall traffic monetization and me – with sales!
Svetlana Babii
Svetlana Babii
Trust me, there is no better alternative to OranGear on the market. Accumulating mutual expertise of hundreds of publishers and advertisers who do business with OFFERSEVEN I'm totally convinced in that. It’s designed as a software “from marketers to marketers” which works great. Traffic volume was doubled after 2 months of working with OranGear, moreover we finally got the possibility to track qualitative leads and user engagement.
Steve Shershen
Steve Shershen
Orangear boosted JungleTap revenues, but not even this fact appealed to me to the most extent. Deep analytics highlighted at the platform results in unobtrusive recommendations. At the beginning I disbelieved AI to advice me, how I should manage staff or treat clients, but numbers in statistics became a strong proof and now I have much more time to relax devote to operational routine.
Make every cent work for your goals

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