Unique features.
Immense opportunities
Gain additional competitive advantages using our result-focused products and supercharge your growth!
BI module

Achieve deep understanding of publishers-advertisers-managers relations within your network and visualize business data via convenient BI module. Make the most beneficial decisions basing on accurate real time statistics!

Financial Management
Publisher/advertiser management
Staff management
A complete set of main indexes and nearest future development prediction
Strong statistics and acute analytics
Graphs, trends, investing attraction, salary management, hiring/firing new staff, comparative characteristics
Smart recommendation system based on the lifetime experience of Orangear data science team
Multilevel fraud protection

Each conversion passes through several filters tailored to recognizing even the most elusive signs of abnormal campaign behavior.
Protect your brand and deliver your customers top-level results.

IP whitelist
proxy detection
3rd party services
Behavioral analysis
Events database check
Offer checker

Reach direct advertisers and save time and money by replacing manual check with our unique automated tool

Check offers availability in real time and stop invalid campaigns
Track the rebrokering chain to the source and reach direct advertisers
Set up the desired frequency of each offer verification
Switch off the checking of offers from trusted sources
Try manual checker for free

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